Watterson is an independent communications consultancy with a pro-active style and a reputation for developing highly effective and creative programs that meet our clients’ needs and resources.

Watterson has been managing PR programs for decades. From the early days of the dot com boom, through the formation of the cloud to the emergence of electric vehicles and new mobility, Watterson has seen it all, and helped its clients across myriad sectors be seen where and when it counts.

Watterson believes the story is only as good as its audience, and with a team of former journalists and current PR experts, it delivers a true consultative approach for its clients.

Enterprise Technology

In more than 25 years of operation, Watterson has seen it all: from the emergence of every form of cloud known to man, to Everything-as-a-Service and anything between, we’ve seen it all and worked with companies of all shapes and sizes to hone their messages for mainstream and trade media audiences alike.

Channel PR

Forrester Research named Watterson one of the world’s best channel-focused Public Relations agencies in the world. We know what the channel media needs, and how companies with a channel focus can say something different to stand out form the rest.

New Mobility and Electric Vehicles

Australia’s new energy, renewables and e-Mobility sector is burgeoning, and Watterson has been along for the ride from the start. It’s worked with some of Australia’s world-leading companies and made them household names across the nation.


Cybersecurity is a packed sector and it’s never easy to be heard in a crowded market. But Watterson’s team of former journalists know the angles that are relevant for the audiences, and which ones will get your important message heard loudest regardless of the noise.

Consumer Technology

It’s not just about launching your product; it’s about keeping your product and brand in the limelight between launches. Watterson can deliver programs that span 12 months, ensuring the company is ready for the next launch as well and maintaining the momentum from the jump.

Book Publicity

We know that book publicity is never easy, particularly when publishers leave authors to do their own. We can help deliver a cost-effective book launch program and advise of the best methods to getting the story of your story out there.


We are registered lobbyists and can get you engaged directly with Government, but we are also adept at establishing companies as voices for their industry, their customers and more.

Automotive Manufacturers

We have a proud history in working with automotive companies and related safety organisations on getting their stories where they matter and where they can have an impact. For them, it’s not just about getting their vehicle into sales guides; it’s also about getting those stories in front of fleet operators and others to build an all-encompassing story which hits all audiences, all year round.


We know what the mainstream media wants to hear with regards to the next big thing and we can help you launch your platform into the zeitgeist.


We’re seeing new technologies making a huge impact on students and teachers alike through our work with a number of clients. If your technology has the potential to change the way students, be they in the K-12 range or tertiary, are taught, get in touch and we can get that story out there.

Economics and Residential Property

We’ve worked with Australia’s leading independent economic forecaster and industry analyst for more than a decade and they’re a staple within mainstream print, broadcast and online media of all types. We can help your organisation reach those heights with a sustained and cost-effective approach to media engagement, both inbound and outbound.


Thought Leadership

Thought leadership articles are a vital part of a contemporary media and communications program.

Stakeholder Relations

Public relations is not just media relations – it involves all your stakeholders.


Helping you stand out in an expanding crowd