Southern Cross Cables

Setting the scene for success

Southern Cross Cables wanted to maximise the publicity around its $350m NEXT project, an undersea cable connecting Sydney, Auckland and Los Angeles.  Their goal was to publicise the marine survey – which maps the seabed for potential hazards to avoid in the laying of the cable – as the next step in the rollout.

Watterson sat down with the team and identified the news angles that Southern Cross hadn’t considered, but which would prove more attractive to a broader cross-section of media. Watterson then designed a campaign around the concept of a behind the scenes look at how internet is delivered in Australia, specifically providing an intimate look at the subsea cabling process.

Further, Watterson proposed holding a conference announcing the voyage, a behind-the-scenes tour of the vessel, and a demonstration of the surveying technology on-board.

Adhering to a strict budget, Watterson arranged everything from the catering of the event to the hiring of the marquee and negotiations with the venue, as well as bump-in and bump-out for the event. Watterson also created the media collateral ahead of the conference in the form of: B-roll footage, an Infographic, an Infopack, a Media Release, and images from aboard the vessel.

The event was attended by a combination of trade and mainstream media as well as a commercial broadcast outlet. As expected, the event provided significant media penetration  highlighting Southern Cross Cables and their project. The events publicity ultimately went on to educate a far broader audience than originally deemed possible about the critical role of sub-sea cables in our day-to-day lives.