The best communication starts with education

When sales and performance management firm Mercurial launched one of Australia’s first true cloud-based business information services, the initial media reaction was… zero interest.

Objectively the news was big, but what Watterson recognised was that all of us had to step back a bit to go forward.  When we did, we saw that education had to take place first so that the significance of what Mercurial had achieved would be recognised.

We went into pitching overdrive.  Our goal: to combine the momentum of the release with critical media education.

The educational push proved to be a hook for journalists because they could now understand how a front-of-mind media topic like cloud computing could be harnessed by business intelligence and that Mercurial had actually ushered in a new era in the field.

What resulted were features in Search CIO and iTWire that were one part news and three parts education, cementing Mercurial’s role as a sales and management authority ahead of the emerging story of the cloud – not hidden behind one.