Sometimes timing is everything

Vertiv, a leading network infrastructure company, tasked Watterson with further raising its profile through the visit of its vice president, Scott Barbour.

But the visit on its own was not news, so Watterson linked that to a multi-million-dollar sale to NBN Co.

Harnessing the media’s excitement about the NBN, we invited a select group of Australia’s journalists to a news conference to be held on a Friday. All set to go, plans were thrown into disarray when NBN Co asked us to delay the announcement until the Monday.

Working the phones and drawing on our media expertise, we managed to embargo the news for the new deadline.

What could have been a disastrous clash of a news event and company interests instead became a major communications coup that actually multiplied the news value.

Vertiv’s conference received coverage in every publication represented at the Friday event and the subsequent media release was picked up by a robust number of targets.

In the end our client was happy and so was its customer.

What made the difference?  Watterson’s experience.  We knew what the media wanted and exactly how we had to deliver it, even when the ground shifted beneath our feet.