E-tivity Corporation

Equipping with knowledge; building confidence

Phil and Honey Jones - E-TivityWhen E-tivity Corporation, a fast-growing software developer and supplier, reached the stage where the media started to pay attention, Phil and Honey Jones, its co-founders and principals, knew they needed training and fast.

Media training for Phil and Honey was never just about identifying the right E-tivity Corporation messages, teaching on-point techniques and interview strategies and tactics.  Nor was it just about giving them a comprehensive understanding of how the media works from the seasoned journalists and public relations professionals on our team.

All those things matter and Watterson delivered them.  But most important for the Joneses it was about walking away from the training with confidence.  The kind of confidence that meant both Phil and Honey knew that they were each valuable media resources with deep industry knowledge who would be able to deliver the best information for their customers and investors when the time came.