Making your news fit the media landscape

When Ciena, a global network specialist, wanted to announce its entry into the ANZ region, we sought ways to enhance the story.

First, we tied the launch to a visit by Ciena vice president Mike Aquino.

Second, we connected Ciena’s news to the topical interest around the “hot button” issue of the NBN.

Third, since Ciena was essentially “invisible” to the local media, we enhanced its profile by linking the company’s activities to Nortel, which Ciena had acquired and with which the media was already very familiar.

The launch was pulled together in less than two weeks, key interviews arranged and the significance of Ciena in ANZ underscored.

At Watterson, we know it’s our job to understand how your news fits into the media landscape and to make the connections that will make your news as valuable as possible.

Ciena went from having no footprint to landing with both feet firmly on the ground.