BIS Oxford Economics

To broadcast your clients, you need to think like a broadcaster

When BIS Oxford Economics, then known as BIS Shrapnel, a leading economic advisory group, asked us to raise their broadcast profile, we had to think like a broadcaster.

We had already had success with BIS in its target print media, but television represented a giant step.

Luckily we were confident about three things:

  1. The people at BIS really knew what they were talking about.  They were genuine experts who could offer great, often surprising, analysis of trends and data;
  2. They were natural communicators, articulate, grounded in their disciplines, perfect for TV; and
  3. The areas they could speak to matched the topicality that Watterson knew broadcasters were seeking.

Our pitch highlighted all of the above.  We custom fit what BIS could deliver to the needs of Australia’s most important broadcasters.

The result was immediate: appearances on the 7:30 Report and Lateline followed by continuing use of BIS people as go-to experts across a range of television and radio.

Broadcast and BIS go hand-in-hand now and we can’t imagine it any other way.