If there’s one thing you can take away from any of the now-ancient Star Wars prequels, it’s a line from the final battle between Obi-Wan Kenobi and a corrupted Anakin Skywalker. The future Darth Vader delivers the “you’re with me or against me” ultimatum to Obi-Wan, who responds with “only a Sith speaks in absolutes”.

It’s never a good sign when your opening pop-culture reference is from a reviled trilogy – but it’s the first thing I think of whenever I’m drawn into or witness a “debate” online or on TV. Because when it comes to debating, we’re all Siths nowadays. You’re either with me, or against me. There’s no middle ground; it’s gone the way of Luke Skywalker’s hand in The Empire Strikes Back (is that better?).

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The issue of recycling has been fronting headlines recently. With the shutdown of recycling shipments to China and Australia’s own failing recycling practices what can we do as consumers to cut down on producing more waste.

Hannah Watterson and Jackson Rose sit down to discuss the latest issues around recycling in particular the recent move by supermarkets away from single use plastic bags towards the reusable green bags we are all familiar with.


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Consumer interest keeps companies alive. It’s why I’ve become a little confused when organisations – specifically consumer ‘brands’ – pander to the wrong parties; predominately by forgetting the interests of their primary stakeholders in favour of quick cash grabs.

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