Watterson is an independent communications consultancy with a pro-active style and a reputation for developing highly effective and creative programs that meet our clients’ needs and resources.

Communication is powerful.

Deliver the right message to the right audience in the right way and good things will happen.

Get one of these elements wrong and you can have a costly miss.

Watterson is an independent consultancy.

We are tight-knit and creative, a potent mix of PR professionals and journalists working together, tapping each other’s strengths, harnessing our deep media resources, championing our clients.

We bring our ability to see the world through our clients’ eyes so we develop a real understanding of the challenges and opportunities they face.

Hannah Watterson is our principal.  She is the heart of our team and has years of experience as both an editor and public relations professional.  The media trust her and so do our clients. Her communications philosophy guides everything we do.

Watterson believes that if we communicate your message with the same energy, enthusiasm and commitment we would use to communicate our own, we will reach the right audiences with your best messages, we will get outstanding coverage, and we will help you achieve your short-term goals and your long-term brand recognition.

Whether you sell to other businesses or consumers, whether you are in specialist areas like technology, finance, or professional services or whether you operate in a lifestyle sector like travel, health or book publishing, we can make your communications count.

We operate programs for clients across Australia and New Zealand and have a unique and detailed database covering the main consumer, business and technical media in both countries, as well as industry analysts. We also have strong alliances with like-minded communications consultancies in the US, UK and Asia.

Watterson is a member of the Public Relations Institute of Australia.

So if you’d like a communications program from people who know your markets, who love what they do, who will care about you and be guided by your goals, talk to us.


Thought Leadership

Thought leadership articles are a vital part of a contemporary media and communications program.

Stakeholder Relations

Public relations is not just media relations – it involves all your stakeholders.

Government Relations

Watterson is well-versed in facilitating client relationships with Government representatives.